[Crew&Culture +]How the ArBee-Crews finishes the year - Welcome to THE GET-TOGETHER 2022, our year-end celebration!

What kind of year was

2022 for you?

Hello, This is Arbeon!

It's already 2023. We sincerely hope all our supporters will have both prosperity and health in the Year of the Black Rabbit.

2022 was a very meaningful year for Arbeon as we grew in both quantity and quality by doubling our crew and drastically improving our app. Above all, it was an extremely valuable year that helped build the foundation for us to become a global company.

As the year filled with tears, laughter, passion, and hard work comes to an end, it's time for us to look back and reflect on 2022 :)

Those who read our blog are probably already aware of Arbeon and the crew's organizational culture since it's been talked about many times!

When we work, we work, but when we play, we play harder than anyone else. With that in mind, ArBee-Crew's year-end celebration surely did not disappoint.

But that's enough for the prologue!

We invite you to Arbeon's year-end party celebration. :)


PARTY 2022


The Two Meanings of

"Hello"๐Ÿ‘‹ ๐Ÿ‘‹ 

The name of this year's party was "THE GET-TOGETHER Party 2022 - MERGERITY &ND ARBEON." With Arbeon's updated mission statement, the term "Mergerity" will now remain a precious memory for ArBee-Crew and as history. The name also symbolizes the company's aspiration for a fresh start in 2023.

END and AND have similar pronunciations, which is how we came up with the clever "&ND" expression. 
You never know, this might be the last blog post where we mention "MERGERITY"!  Let's say it all together!

Goodbye Mergerity! Hello Arbeon!

The reason Arbeon

holds the best events

To set up the venue for the event that began at 5 PM on December 29, the People & Culture (P&C) Team and a few crew members went to the Dragon City King's Vacation Sky Kingdom in Yongsan early in the morning. Before the event, everyone spent hours deciding the event concept, looking up venues, planning and creating content, purchasing supplies, figuring out logistics, etc. We are eternally grateful for our P&C Team and crew members, who always do their best to deliver the best events!

You're looking at the ArBee-Crew, who have become masters(?) of event planning after so much practice.


This year's celebration was even more special as friends and family were invited.

We know that Arbeon only made it this far because of our crew members as well as friends and family who supported them the most. Arbeon is always grateful for this fact, which is why we opened up the party to family and friends with the hopes that they could get a sense of our gratitude!

Welcome to the 2022 Arbeon Year-End Celebration!

The first thing you see as soon as you enter the venue is a photo booth!

Woohoo! Drinks!

The Party Begins

Once it became 5 PM, the lights and music changed, signaling the official start of the year-end celebration!

Our two MCs, who were kept secret until this very moment, finally appeared, and the celebration began with hearty cheers from our crew members!๐Ÿ‘

The first video was a vlog that showed the private lives of our crew. Although this fact is easy to forget, all our crew members are "individuals" before they are employees. They are fathers to their families or somebody's precious daughter. The video revealed a side of our crew members that we'd never seen: looking exhausted after going to and from work, doing their best to lose weight, etc. It made us see them in a new light and also made us think, "We should treat them better(?)".๐Ÿ˜—

After the first session, we had an award ceremony for outstanding crew members, a letter from Arbeon, a letter from our true hometown, the CEO's "What's In My Bag?", the CES launch ceremony, and our version of "I Am a Singer." It was an exciting time where the crew members and their family and friends were able to laugh and spend time with each other!

Tonight's best dressed was Jamie.
Look at her gold gloves and cake-shaped hat!

The family members and friends who appeared in the video moved us to tears (It was touching...)

The next corner is 'What's In My Bag'..... The main character is CEO Carlton

Yes... Thank you for your kind words...

The CES launch ceremony for the crew members participating at CES 2023!

Go and make us proud!

It was a day filled with joy!

2023 Arbeon,
Let's Go!

In 2023, Arbeon will be launching its global app and taking our first steps into the global market. Arbeon was able to reach its goals and have a successful 2022 because of the countless people who were rooting for us. 2022. We were happy to spend it with you, and you were the reason we could take risks and find success.

In 2023, Arbeon will be undergoing many changes. Arbeon will be made known to the world, and more people will come looking for us. Arbeon will continue on our endeavors in 2023. When we finally achieve our goals, I wonder what sort of emotions today's Arbeon will evoke.

We hope the year-end celebration in 2023 will be even bigger and more extravagant and that Arbeon will become the "No. 1 global startup company that people want to work at." 


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