[Service +]Who Will Earn the “Next-generational Social Media” Title that Represents the Age of 5G?

We communicate from the moment we open our eyes in the morning to the time we fall back asleep. This happens every day, rinse and repeat. It may be to converse with families and friends or to appeal to someone important. And this blog is also another form of communication where we communicate with you who show interest in Arbeon. So most moments of our life are a series of ongoing “communications.”

And now, here in this article, we want to talk about how human communication evolved following technological advancement. It is not only our story but also the story of people across the globe. 

Let's begin!

The Next-generational Social Media Representing 

Post-5G Network... Which One?

The story of ours and simultaneously the story of humanity

Let’s travel back to the ancient days, particularly to the genesis of humanity. Humans at that time didn’t have text, but they still left symbols of distinct shapes or images only they could recognize on cave walls. No one knows for certain if it was shamanistic behaviors or for any other purposes; but the guess is that they wanted to share and leave their experiences and stories to others and future generations.

Now, let’s come back to the present times. Fast forward bazillion years, and humanity today is still leaving and sharing its stories through various social media platforms using laptops or mobile phones. The only difference is the method, while the crux remains the same as those who lived in the past. And Arbeon focused on this human instinct—where it fundamentally yearns to share stories—and that’s how we came to create this service.

New Services Emerge
Every Time There is a Technological Development!

In the early 2000s, when the 2G network began to be distributed across society, people started to own desktops. And this allowed person-to-person engagements, previously only possible offline, to take a new form: online. Online networking services (social media) emerged here and there, and the most popularized service at that time in Korea was Cyworld. People met their classmates on the platform and caught up with their relatives and families who lived far away. It was extremely meaningful because it enabled engagement and communication with people to take place online, which was only possible in person before that.

And it only took a few years until the 3G network emerged and opened a new age. It was the mobile age (mobile communication). “Mobile communication,” as the name suggests, allowed people to move around freely and communicate with one another anytime, anywhere. Facebook and Twitter were born during this age, and they’re impacting the whole world in unimaginable ways even now. And it was around this time as well that the new form of communication spread throughout the whole world where users uploaded their past experiences in texts and images on their feed. People—acquaintances and strangers—liked and left comments, such as “I want to go, too!” or “It’s so pretty.” It was the actual beginning of the age of 'Social media'!

Let’s go a step further. Now, it’s the age of 4G! The speed of data transmission took great strides compared to the past. Thanks to that, sharing videos, which had been a challenging feat with the 3G network, became possible. And now, we get to watch videos without any buffering in the comfort of our rooms and train stations. The leading 4G services include YouTube, the go-to video platform throughout the world, as well as TikTok, the platform receiving wild attention for its recent explosive growth, and Instagram.

YouTube offers another innovative function, and that is the easy editing and uploading of videos for anyone. “Videos,” which once were an area exclusive for broadcast companies, producers, and writers, have become friendly for all. And the age has come where anyone can make videos without much difficulty and share them anytime at will. Anyone with their mind on it can now become a creator and earn money via advertisements. And in turn, YouTube keeps receiving content from users. Like this, the development of technology created new services and businesses that never existed before.

The Emergence of the 5G Age
A Combination of Two Spaces

And finally, we're here to the age we currently live in:  The age of 5G network. Generally, it’s understood that 5G is over ten times faster than 4G. Most of us do not experience much discomfort while browsing the internet or watching videos on a 4G network. And yet, a network that’s ten times faster than that came to be. Despite such emergence, however, we haven’t fully grasped how we should use this speedy network. That is because no service that could represent the 5G age is in the market yet.

Apple, Google, Meta, Microsoft, and many other global companies speak out about one thing in a unified voice. They claim that the future is in the hands of the service that integrates the 2D experience with the 3D, that is, real life. 3D has two spaces: One is the daily life we see, listen to, and laugh about, while the other is the virtual space, like the metaverse. And this is the reason why a lot of people are clamoring for metaverse, NFT, and blockchain everywhere.

Free Movement Between Real Life and Virtual Life
Here in Our Daily Lives!

Arbeon integrates the digital experience with objects and spaces before us in our daily lives and comes up with an unprecedented communication method. The object in front of you that you're experiencing at the moment can be turned into AR with just one Arbeon scan, and you can create AR content that reflects much of your preferences and share it with others. Like in the instance of YouTube above, the professional field of AR whose production was exclusive only to AR companies, will become public, wherein anyone can create AR content in a breeze without any barriers of age, sex, social class, and language.

Countless AR content that exists in our daily lives will enable free communication with users worldwide who experience the same thing as you do. Moreover, the metaverse world that will float on top of a product will ensure an easy and fast metaverse and NFT experience at any time. It's going to happen somewhere very close to you, even if you're not into games or clothing avatars.

Would you try to look around your surroundings right now? The objects and spaces are bound to be related to you in some ways. If you have a cup of coffee in front of you, then it’d be for drinking; and perhaps, if you have a makeup product on your makeup stand, then it’s one of the products that express who you are, as you would have chosen it because it suits you best after careful consideration. In other words, your present experience will be ongoing. And you won't have to go to the internet and search when you want to find out about something. With just a scan of the object in front of you, you’ll immediately acquire the information that you desire, and you'd be able to communicate with users with the same interest in a more immersive manner. The existing social media was an observation of what has been experienced, but Arbeon is a communication of what you're experiencing right now, so the flow of experience is unending.

Try scanning the objects and spaces that are in front of you with the release of Arbeon! A whole new depth of experience will pan out in your daily life.

We Introduce you Arbeon,
the App that will Represent 5G Age

Today, we looked at how the method of communication evolved following technological development. And the age of 5G and the incoming 6G will be led by the service that freely crisscrosses the two spaces and creates a new value. Because Arbeon can do both, we can dare ascertain that it will be considered as the service that innovates the method of human communication and represents the current age. And that future is very near. So... You can look forward to us a lot!

Until Arbeon earns the title 'Next-generational Social Media', please continue to show your avid interest in us. :)

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