[Service +]Arbeon Origin Story #1 _ How the Arbeon CEO looks AR differently?

He is not a tech major; he was (or just wanted to be called) a 'dreamy art school boy' from the department of Western painting. How did he, Carlton Myeong, the CEO of Arbeon, become interested in AR(augmented reality)? Today's story is about the origin story of Arbeon, as Carlton Myeong, the head of Arbeon and the executive officer of service planning, puts it.

Are you curious about the perspective of Arbeon's CEO? Let's find out.

How is the AR different,
as seen by Arbeon's CEO?

Arbeon Origin Story #1

Carlton started to conceptualize "this service" quite some time ago, which was 12 years ago! Carlton was fascinated by the WOW IMPACT given by the AR technology but, at the same time, was frustrated by its limited and exclusive usage.

In fact, it is not very complex to add AR content to an object or space. It would require an enormous amount of data and training, though. AR companies so far could project AR content only after taking thousands and tens of thousands of pictures of previously commissioned products through 360-degree angles so that the training is complete to the degree that the computer can recognize.

AR services were "pre-trained and pre-produced" before they were released. While users may feel some degree of interest and novelty by looking at the AR content "planted" through a specific medium (specific app, etc.) provided by some corporations, that was as far as they could get to their experience with AR. It could be only enjoyed on specific objects that have been already trained, and the continuity of the experience, such as additional interactions with the user, could not be provided.

For instance, training objects in downtown New York or a much smaller concept like training every object in a household would require enormous time and money. This explains how the AR service could not be widespread, even with its impressive functionality of connecting reality with the virtual world.

Looking at the existing area services so restrictive like that, Carlton decided to "create a global service where anyone can easily implement an AR solution and communicate freely with it." He asked 100 reputable developers in the field about the possibility of implementing such a technology. Every single one of the 100 developers flat-out rejected the possibility, dubbing it as "impossible technology!"

If he had given up there, Arbeon services would never have seen the light of day, right? Carlton is a little odd but cool at the same time, as he does not find charm in easy things but relishes the hardest challenges. He seems to have found this consistent feedback satisfying, not frustrating. After all, he was able to confirm that this area had not been attempted by anyone.

September 2020,
Arbeon was born like that...!

Carlton Meyong's projection that the current technology was sufficient to realize his vision was spot-on. Through the proprietary patented technology "MergeWare" which fuses the AR and AI technologies, anyone could imprint AR content easily and conveniently in an untrained space for an untrained object. Now the users have the tool to communicate centered on the experience in front of their eyes, on what matters to them, and on the present. The imagination of adding a virtual world onto reality is realized by the users themselves, not by the companies!

Recently, IT giants around the world are looking into the future of "expanding user experience from 2D (web) to 3D (space)," and working around the clock to perfect the related technologies and services. Carlton believes that Arbeon is the service most suitable for these epochal and technical trends, and envisions it to become a service that represents the post-5G age.

AR-based "experiential social media" Arbeon is a futuristic communication service that allows every user to communicate freely with any other users that have the same interests. It makes the world where you can meet commerce while communicating with a daily object in front of your eyes and not online, where you can meet the concert of your favorite star, where you can search for any information you want, even without having to pull out a search bar. After Arbeon, the magic will unfold where any object becomes a platform.

So, that is how Arbeon was born, and you will soon have the opportunity to meet it yourself!

Before finishing up, we would like to share a press interview with our CEO. It is a video that tells a simple and fun story on how Carlton's vision of AR and Arbeon services will reshape our daily lives. We invite you to take a few minutes to watch it :)

We appreciate your continued support for "Arbeon," the beginning of a new daily life!

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