[Crew&Culture +]Time to Hear from 3 Newbies - What Does Arbeon Mean to You?

What Does Arbeon Mean to You? 

We asked three crews who had just joined Arbeon.

Arbeon is a company that is slated to launch its service by the 4th quarter of 2022. And so, many of you would be in the dark about the company and the type of service it creates. However, the team continuously expanded despite the lack of information, and it has grown to be staffed with over 70 members in recent days.

We became curious. Sure, there are members who joined us as early as the initial planning phase of the service. But we wanted to hear from the new ArbeeCrews what about the company they were attracted to that made them join the team and their expectations and plans in the future here.

So, allow us to introduce you to StaceyGenie, and Luke, who have viewpoints closer to that of someone outside the company, and are fresh and new to this company with their less than three months period of joining the team!!

Hello, everyone! Please introduce yourselves. 

Stacey : Hi! My name is Stacey, and I’m in charge of supervising the AI and AR development. I recently joined Arbeon with my experience in AI development using Deep Learning. I’m having so much fun here as I can develop in 3D as well, and I’m thrilled to expand my work scope.

Genie : Hello! I’m Genie, the youngest Crew in Arbeon! I’m a content marketer in the brand marketing team and in charge of planning and producing in-app content mostly. My job is to ensure that the users will be interested in the service and have more fun using it!

Luke : I’m Luke, the metaverse designer! Before coming here, I did design work for the public sector, furniture, products, and more. Now, I’m using my skills to design the space within the metaverse.

What did you do before coming here? 

Stacey : I was an SW developer for Smart TV in Samsung Electronics for 17 years. I was with Samsung Electronics during its growth, whose TV is the best one there is in the global market. On top of my experience with the TV SW platform and various TV services, I’ve developed Vision AI using Deep Learning for the last five years. It was a great time for self-growth and enriched my experiences in the field. The memory that sticks with me the most is when I drew good results after I participated in the C-Lab within Samsung Electronics. C-Lab is a program that contributes to the vitalization of the domestic startup ecosystem by discovering creative ideas and turning them into actual businesses. I joined the AI Eraser Project, and that’s when I started to want to work in a startup, which eventually led me to Arbeon.

Genie : COVID-19 was at its peak during my college years, so most of my classes went virtual. Pondering how I should best spend my free time, I decided to work as an intern in a company that partnered with the school. And after graduation, I got recruited into the marketing sales team! Publishing newsletters, producing materials for clients, and visiting expos for sales work were my main role. Though I was still a newbie and had a lot to learn, the one thing I was sure of was that I found the work “fun.”. I just loved the marketing job where it brings people and companies together. Ever since then, I have decided to be more serious with this line of work.

Luke : I designed public facilities, such as cities, parks, and other facilities, in Seoul before coming here. Creating special spaces and products led to the importance of visualizing the images, which made me enhance my designing and 3D skills. Eventually, I got interested in 3D graphics and the idea of creating something that doesn’t exist in the world and wondered what it would be like to combine my work and 3D graphics. That’s how I arrived here to design metaverse.

What made you choose Arbeon? 

Stacey : Arbeon was appealing because it’s developing an extremely difficult AI technology and grafting recent technologies to draw out solutions. And it’s dealing with the AR technology that can be used any time in the future in our daily lives. These are the reasons that got me to come here. Though the company is not widely publicized among the public, the sheer plan and technology to connect the metaverse fill me with expectations that Arbeon can create a service that will surprise the world. And not only that, the ArbeeCrew left an amazing first impression on me that I was so sure that I could enjoy the work that I do with them.

Genie : What appealed to me was the new service Arbeon (nickname of the service) the world has never known ever. I thought it was so fun that it’s an AR social media that connects objects in front of my eyes. I wanted to share this cool service with the world and enjoy it with people. So, I submitted my resume with such anticipations for the service and entered the 1st interview screening. And my goodness! How cool and awesome the attitudes and goals were the interviewers! I was telling myself repeatedly throughout the interview that I wished to work with them and get here come hell or high water. And when I was up for the 2nd screening, I burned the midnight oil and prepared for it. And now, my expectations turned into reality, and they’re not my “bosses” but “mentors” who teach and lead me to maximize my potential and get the job done. I love my brand marketing team so much!!

Luke : It was pure coincidence that I got interviewed here. What really stood out the most about Arbeon was the workplace atmosphere. And the posters that creatively turned ordinary spaces into fun and exciting ones stood out as well. These posters were company slogans and messages of the company and hung on the walls. They weren’t much, but they brought a smile to my face and left a great impression on me. Arbeon paid attention to details and turned them into extraordinary ones, and I realized that my place is here and decided to join right away.

What’s Arbeon like now that you joined? 

Stacey : The best thing about Arbeon is its workplace culture. It’s so fun to call each other by English nicknames and freely share and discuss ideas as we apply them. It’s impressive that the Crew is cooperating with one another as one to achieve the shared goal, the Arbeon service. And my heart swells with pride to think that I am part of this. Another good thing about the workplace is that the members are composed of various age groups. From Generation MZ to seasoned experts, their differences make discussions and conversations more interesting and productive.

Genie : Arbeon doesn’t consider failure as it is! Everyone here believes that failure is just a rich nutrient for success. As long as we have the heart to find the cause of failure and learn from it, no one points fingers at us. This atmosphere allows me to be more creative and take on challenges. I’m motivated by myself to be better, work harder, and take charge of things with passion and pride. Everyone on the Crew has expertise and passion for their work. It really is an ideal company, don’t you agree?

What’s more, we work when we must and play when we play. This culture created the “beer party” where everyone blows off steam with drinks. All you gotta do on that day is just to get out of your desks and have fun. Goodness, the more I talk about it, I realize that it’s a great company. I hope you’re reading this, Carlton, haha!

Luke : The best thing about the company is its culture! Everyone communicates with and respects one another, and that’s natural here. So that creates a stress-free environment. Even when I’m working on my designs, I can solve problems easily with much more efficiency. That’s the best part.

Share with us if you have any goals you long to achieve inArbeon! 

Stacey : First and foremost, I want to be a part of the Arbeon service that aims to solve the tasks by actualizing them through AI and AR technology and spread it to users around the world. And I want to experience the fast growth of the service along with the Crew. Arbeon is a technological powerhouse whose technology is on par with other leading global companies. So, I want to witness global users enjoying the service which we created with our own technology.

Genie : I remember the time Carlton (CEO) expressed his desire to give more opportunities to young adults who have the skills and passions but lack opportunities to showcase them. He mentioned this as he talked about the social responsibility of a company. I totally agree with his direction and plan. So, I’m going to roll up my sleeves and introduce Arbeon through various content so that those who aspire to become creators can pursue their dreams through this. I’ll also play the role of a bridge that connects Arbeon with Gen Z. The goal is to create a unique and distinctive identity for the company from the perspective of Gen Z users and their likes and aspirations.

Luke : Umm…! I guess I wish to become the Crew people most need! There are so many experts in Arbeon, and it excites me to work with them. I wish to become like them as well.

Before we end! What does Arbeon mean to you?

Stacey : Arbeon is a place of opportunity that offers a new start to its members. It’s also where you can feel the energy of passionate ArbeeCrew. It’s a wonderful place where you can talk about your new dreams in a free setting.

Genie : Arbeon pushes me to grow. I want to enjoy my work, and that can only happen if I’m capable. Arbeon is a fun place to work, and it compels me to work harder. Lady Luck granted me the wonderful opportunity to work with amazing people, so I want to do an equally awesome job.

Luke : Arbeon is the startup that elevates you. It’s a startUP! I’m working with more energy and fun as I grow along with the company. I remember coming across a statistic that humans spend 26 years working in their 80 years of life. And Arbeon fills me with the hope that my long 26 years of work will be more enjoyable than that of the others. Thank you for having me!!!

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