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AR Communication

Augmented Reality(AR) technology refers to the expansion of information contained in real-life objects and spaces via addition of texts, images, 3D assets, and others. The technology holds a relatively long history.  Ever since the airline company Boeing first used the term in 1990, the AR technology has been widely used in various industries, including logistics, automobile, and aircraft manufacturing. Few years ago, the flashy release of Pokémon Go has attracted a lot of attention from the people all around the world as an opportunity for people to open their eyes on the joyous experiences AR could offer to its users, as well as its possibilities and potentials for expansion.

The Innovation of Perspective

The AR technology, which expands the meaning of real-life objects and spaces, is enough to give a “WOW impact” to the users. This is because even the streets and company products people see every day will have new information and fun after they meet AR, providing more meanings and values.

However, at the present moment, most AR companies experience technological limits and can float information about the objects that have been learned beforehand only, or only through a particular device. Also, the users can’t create the AR content they want to, which makes it difficult for them to keep being interested in AR. This is the biggest reason why AR technology could not be popularized.

And so, we thought to ourselves...
“Can't we make all objects in the world available for AR? And how can we communicate through it?”

We have discovered that...

For the past 15 years, more than 4.3 billion people in the world access social media 5 times a day on average, and spend over 50 minutes a day to communicate with others. From 2G to 3G and to 4G and 5G, thanks to the technological development in communication, our medium of communication equally developed from texts to images and to videos. But we found something else that was interesting. Regardless of the development in communication, users still yearn to express their uniqueness in a more interesting and fun way.

So we asked a question.

How exhilarating would it be to live in an innovative world that rewards us when we express ourselves? And what if we create a new social media platform where users can communicate and purchase things in a more fun and realistic manner while getting rewarded for the AR content they independently produce? What if we create a world where everyone’s tastes and preferences are respected, and everyone can feel welcomed?

We are changing it from now on!

Arbeon saw potential in the various limitations in current AR technology. We believed that modern technologies could solve these issues. And so we started to develop.

The technological limit is now gone. It once required prior learning of the object before the AR could work. But thanks to Arbeon’s unique technology, “MergeWare,” an entirely new method of communication is made available in all objects and spaces around us. Users across the globe can enjoy AR without any limits in their daily lives and immerse themselves in it.

For the Better World 

Actualizing the Four Core Values

Like this, Arbeon challenges the areas no one has ever ventured before, by resolving the technological limit through “the Innovation of Perspective.” Anyone can easily and enjoyably create and consume AR contents, and share them to express their uniqueness to others. This new method of communication is the “AR social media platform” by Arbeon, and these are the four core values we offer to the world.

01. The AR network that infinitely expands to objects and spaces

Communicate with your friends in a different way!
Add your preferences and experiences to the objects and spaces around you.
The AR experience will surely get you closer to your friends.

 02. Rewards for all your activities

Find objects and spaces that interest you, and share your experiences!
You can be rewarded every time you create a fun content and share your emotion.
This communication culture allows you to get rewarded just by being active.
Come quickly and experience it!

03. The only place for AR & Metaverse content production

Do you want to hear a tip on how you can enjoy AR even more?
Try creating AR and metaverse content yourself to share and communicate with others!
Who knows? You could become a famous creator in Arbeon!

04. Another unique method to make profit in Arbeon

Your creativity can turn into profits in Arbeon!
Showcase your abundant imagination in AR and metaverse!
The more popular your content becomes, the more profit you can create!

Arbeon began by innovating our perspectives. And though it may sound like a bit of an exaggeration to others, we believe we are offering the world the most advanced medium of communication to humanity, and that we are creating a great history.  Arbeon is your closest AR social media that can be found in any object and any place. And we will continue to take on challenges to make this world a better place.

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