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Last July, when the summer was at its height, Arbeon held the “MOSS 2022,” an internal event where we presented the CBT performance and laid out the plans for the upcoming OBT (both prepared and held throughout June). Since its establishment two years ago, Arbeon has been toiling away, putting out all the stops to create a new communication culture representing the age post 5G. And for that reason, this event was more meaningful for ArbeeCrew.

To share with you the results of the event first, it was a success. It was so from the preparation to the end. And it equipped us with a greater conviction in the potential of the service we create with our own hands, and it enabled us to reaffirm that the path Arbeon and its service tread ahead is absolutely right.

But more than anything else, the real gem and takeaway in this event would be that everyone was able to closely feel how much growth each of us achieved throughout the year. And so, “MOSS 2022” was a festival that celebrated ArbeeCrew and its creation, Arbeon, that is set to wow the whole world. So, let’s go find out more about the event, shall we?

The Path We Walked 

& The Path We Must Walk 

As explained above, “MOSS 2022” is the name of the event. Actually, “Mossy” was the initial name of Arbeon in the early years. It was named after the common plant we all know, “moss,” and the vision was to instill a story to every object and item that exists in this world, just like how moss can be easily found anywhere. But its name was eventually changed to Arbeon, a compound word for “AR+Beyond” which means AR Beyond, AR be on to your lifestyle.

Justin, the Chief Brand Officer(CBO), led the event as the master of the ceremony, and he said that he named the event this way “in the hopes that we will remember the earlier days when everything was lacking and hazy compared to now, and those days when there was an unwavering conviction ‘that we can and must make it happen' during the initial phase of the service.” Like this, Arbeon is a detail-oriented company that pays attention to even the littlest parts without missing any of them.

One Big Puzzle 

Pieced Together by 70 Experts

During the event, each team presented what they had achieved and learned until the CBT, as well as the points they must work on in the future. And I am sure that the entire ArbeeCrew received the feeling that a giant puzzle was being pieced together each time a team presented before everyone. And the success of CBT could not be any more meaningful because it meant that we created something great out of nothing and overcame a very challenging hill. But, of course, we must march ahead as there is still a long way to go!

Even though everyone worked toward the common goal and created one service, there had been some limitations in accurately grasping what the other teams did. But through the presentations, everyone was able to learn what each team focuses on, and how they can help one another. Moreover, it gave us a glimpse of how hard the ArbeeCrew is working in order to create a perfect service.

Sharp Feedback. We WELCOME them!

During the event, we had the opportunity to directly experience the Arbeon app (still in the development phase), and share our feedback with one another. In this session, we weren’t app developers, planners, designers, or anything. We became the users to feel the app and find out its appeal, the experiences it provides, and the points of improvement.

In the first part of the session, we used the app indoors and focused on its safety and the areas that the users may find inconvenient. Afterward, during the second part, everyone went outside to be in the environment the users will use the app in their daily lives.

Since we were able to use the app as users – not as developers and creators like how we typically use it– we were able to find a series of points for improvements we had never found before. And the non-developers tried to seek in greater detail the areas that must be improved in development, while the developers focused on the user experiences. This served as a great opportunity for everyone to think once again how the app must be perfected in the future.

The End of Something is 

The Beginning of Something

CBT is an amazing achievement we have achieved, and it will become the cornerstone that prepares Arbeon for a brighter future. At the same time, it is the result of our past efforts. From now on, however, Arbeon sets off on a great journey toward OBT and official release.

The last session of the event was reserved for presenting the OBT plans. Planning, R&D, Metaverse, Brand Marketing, Design, and Strategy Teams presented before the ArbeeCrew. Thanks to each of the team’s detailed presentation, everyone built a clearer picture of what the app would look like after its completion, and what kind of messages our company will deliver to the users.

Arbeon’s Great Challenge... 

It Continues Today!

Arbeon’s CEO Carlton Myeong watched the whole event, and in his closing remark, he said, “I’ve never realized how awesome my family is. I always had a hope that all of you would be awesome, but today, I learned that you are awesome already.” And then, he added, “I can see that everyone grew a lot, and thanks to your growth, the service is going to grow just as much,” expressing what went through his mind as he enjoyed the event. With that, MOSS 2022 ended.

Now, it’s just the beginning.

Arbeon has taken steps to provide the world a new method of communication. The trigger has been pulled, andArbeon shall sprint ahead without halt until the finish line. Arbeon is a group of purpose-driven people, so you can look forward to the new world it will show to everyone in the world!


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