[Company +]What Does MergeRity Mean? - Story, Vision, Mission, and Philosophy in the Company Name!

What Does MergeRity Mean?

The name of the company is the very first contact users make with the company, so it takes up a huge part in building trust among them. Thus, it must be intuitive, easy to pronounce, and reflect the mission and vision of the company. And there is also the legal aspect to take into account. It must be protected by law. The CEO considers these factors and carefully makes the final decision.

“What does MergeRity mean?”

We receive this question all the time whenever we have a meeting outside MergeRity. No exceptions. It looks like they’re curious about where this seemingly ambiguous yet appealing name “MergeRity” came from. So, we decided to go all-out and make a post about it. Let’s find out how the name came to be since you’ll be hearing about it a lot soon in your daily lives!

The expanded world you will experience!

MergeRity (name of the company and service) is a compound word for “merge” and “reality.” The name reflects the mission and vision of the company, which is to combine the digital experience with daily lives and introduce a new world of various and expanded experiences.





Once MergeRity becomes available to the world, all the objects and spaces you’ve seen in your daily lives will have more meanings and values than the current ones, and you’ll be able to leave your current experiences in the form of AR content. Your daily lives will transform into a place of communication, where you can share your experiences in real-time with users around the world who share the same taste as you.


Simply scan what you see in the place where you’re currently standing with the MergeRity app, and a social media service will open for you to communicate with others via text, video, or Mergeticons[F1] . And if you scan a brand (product), you’ll be directed to a commerce environment where you can enjoy the brand’s advertisement and information on product promotions. Not only that. You can also see a list of similar product recommendations, the lowest price, your shopping cart, and the immediate purchase function. Once a brand garners 10,000 users, it will be connected to the metaverse world, and users can construct a virtual city and buy digital territories, experiencing metaverse and NFT in an easy and fast manner. Where can you experience this? The objects that sit right in front of you!


Vision, Mission, and Philosophy of MergeRity

MergeRity has discovered that you need a newer method of communication because you want to stay different from the rest. And coming up with something new compelled us to walk a path nobody ever dared to walk. Sure, we faced several hurdles here and there as we walked this untrodden path; but MergeRity’s unique technology and workplace culture, as well as our value, conviction, and goal, pushed us to be unceasing in our journey.

Allow us to introduce you to how we stay restless and unrestrained in our journey forward, our vision, mission, and philosophy.


Together, we create a new world where each and every object and space are 

connected with various experiences.

The familiar is made new, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the good ones improve for the better. Even the littlest things in our daily lives grow enchanting and attractive.


MergeRity is the AR Gateway that connects digital communication experiences with the objects and spaces in the real world and expands them into immersive communication experiences.

Scan the objects and spaces around you with the Merge Lens. A whole new world will unravel right in front of you!



Best Reward !

MergeRity service is the product of joint effort. We can never make it on our own. The service is made possible by our company philosophy that creates a value chain where everyone gets the best reward. And by everyone, we mean everyone: Users, partner companies, and MergyCrew who make the service possible.

So, we have looked at how the company was named, as well as its vision, mission, and philosophy. Every member in the MergyCrew is one with the company’s beliefs and convictions and takes pride in creating a new type of daily life. If you’re one of those who long to create an unprecedentedly great service, come join us now!

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